This catalog contains redshifts of sources selected from the Point Source Catalog. The sample is flux limited to 1.2 Jy at 60 microns, and a color criterion, f_60 > sqrt(f_12 * f_25), where f_w is the flux density at wavelength w, was used to select galaxies over stars and other sources within the Milky Way. Confusion-limited areas (at 60 microns), including the Galactic plane at latitudes below 5°, were rejected, as were areas not surveyed by IRAS at least twice, resulting in coverage of 11.01 sr of the sky. The catalog describes 9897 objects, of which 5320 are galaxies. The remaining sources are listed separately with identifications which, in most cases, were based on source appearance on the Sky Flux Plates. Redshifts are also given for 212 IRAS galaxies which are not part of the complete sample. See Strauss et al. (1992) and Fisher et al. (1995) for further details.

This catalog is available on the ADC Selected Astronomical Catalogs, Volume 2 CD-ROM and via the ADC FTP server.

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