[More information is available in the Explanatory Supplement.]

The low-resolution spectrometer (LRS) on IRAS operated in parallel with the other detectors during the entire mission. The LRS catalog consists of the spectra extracted for 5425 bright sources in the IRAS Point Source Catalog. An atlas of these spectra is published in the Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series article referenced below.

The spectrometer had short-wavelength (7.7-13.4 microns) and long-wavelength (11.0-22.6 microns) bands, with spectral resolution varying from 20 to 60. A second file distributed with the catalog includes a table relating diffraction angle to wavelength for the two sections.

This catalog is available via the ADC FTP server.

Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) Catalogs and Atlases, vol. 1, Explanatory Supplement, 1988, ed. C. Beichman, et al., NASA RP-1190 (Washington, DC: GPO)

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Version and release date: 1.0, 1984 Nov 23