The SSC is a catalog of 12, 25, 60 and 100 micron photometric observations of 43,866 point-like sources detected fortuitiously in the IRAS Pointed Observation program. The main objective was to take advantage of the longer-than-normal integration time per source to extend the detection threshold relative to that of the Point Source Catalog (PSC); about three-fourths of the SSC sources do not appear in the PSC. From 1813 Pointed Observation (PO) fields, the effective sky coverage is 1108 sq deg. Relative to the PSC, the SSC is characterized by enhanced sensitivity (by a factor of about 4) in all four wavelength bands, excellent reliability in uncrowded fields, uneven sky coverage and completeness, reduced positional accuracy, improved photometric accuracy, and much greater depth in crowded fields at the expense of reliability and accuracy. The SSC data processing, the catalog format, and an analysis of the catalog are given by Kleinmann et al. (1986).

If a faint source of interest is not included in the SSC, you may wish to consult the Faint Source Catalog.

This catalog is available from the ADC on the ADC Selected Astronomical Catalogs, Volume 1 CD-ROM and via the ADC FTP server.

Kleinmann, S.G., Cutri, R.M., Young, E.T., Low, F.J., & Gillett, F.C. 1986, Explanatory Supplement to the IRAS Serendipitous Survey Catalog (Pasadena: JPL).

Version and release date: 1.0