Mission Characteristics

Background: Planck is a third generation space based cosmic microwave background experiment, operating at nine frequencies between 30 and 857 GHz
Mission Milestones: Launch: May 2009
Start of First All Sky Survey: August 2009
End of Nominal Mission: Nov 2010
End of HFI lifetime: Jan 2012
Spacecraft deactivated: Oct 2013
Frequency: 30, 44, 70, 100, 143, 217, 353, 545, and 857 GHz
(350 µm - 1 cm)
Area Coverage: All Sky (covered multiple times)
  • High Frequency Instrument (HFI): 100, 143, 217, 353, 545 and 857 GHz
  • Low Frequency Instrument (LFI): 30, 44, and 70 GHz
Science Products Generated:
  • Data Release 1: All Sky Temperature Maps, Catalogs, Cosmology Results, Power Spectra, Masks, Simulations, Instrument Parameters, Software and Analysis products
  • Early Release Compact Source Catalog
Funding Agency: Planck is an ESA mission with significant NASA involvement.
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IRSA Services - Data Release 1

Planck All Sky Maps Temperature and Component Separated Maps
Catalog and Map Visualization Visualization and enhanced access to the Planck All Sky Maps and the PCCS
Catalog Query Access to the PCCS through IRSA's Catalog Search service.
Download Planck SZ Catalogs Download the Planck Sunyaev Zeldovich Cluster sample.
Download entire PCCS Download the Planck Catalog of Compact Sources
Planck Ancillary Data Power Spectra, Masks, Simulations and Instrument Parameters
External Datasets Multiwavelength maps useful for analysis of Planck data
Software and Analysis Products Useful software and products for analysis of Planck data
DR1 Explanatory Supplement (pdf)
DR1 Explanatory Supplement (ESA wiki)
Documentation for Data Release 1. The PDF version misses some figures and references compared to the wiki.

IRSA Services - Early Release Catalogs

ERCSC Visualization Visualization and enhanced access to the Early Release Compact Source Catalog
Catalog Query Alternate access to the ERCSC through IRSA's Catalog Search service
Download Planck ESZ Download the Planck Early Sunyaev Zeldovich Cluster sample
Download Planck ECC Download the Planck Early Cold Core sample
Download Planck ERCSC-V1.3,ESZ and ECC

Download Planck ERCSC-V1.2,ESZ and ECC

Download the ERCSC ESZ and ECC as one tarball
ERCSC Explanatory Supplement Documentation for the ERCSC

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