Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)

Mission Characteristics

Lifetime: 9.5 months + 4 months post-cryo
Wavelength: 3.4, 4.6, 12, and 22 microns
Area Coverage: AllWISE & All Sky: 100% of the sky
3-Band Cryo: 30% of the sky
Preliminary data release: 57% of the sky
Instruments: Survey Camera
Funding Agency: NASA
Contributing Institutions: UCLA, JPL, IPAC/Caltech, UC Berkeley, SDL, BATC
Canonical Papers: WISE: Wright et al. (2010)
NEOWISE: Mainzer et al. (2011)
Details on how to acknowledge WISE and NEOWISE are provided in the documentation.

IRSA Services - AllWISE, All-Sky, 3-Band Cryo, and NEOWISE Post-Cryo Releases

WISE Catalog Search Access WISE catalog and other tabular data products
WISE Image Service Access WISE image data
WISE Release Coverage Service Preview coverage in the WISE data releases
Montage Image Mosaic Service Create science-quality image mosaics
Catalog Bulk Download Bulk Download of WISE Catalog and 3-Band Cryo Source Working Database

IRSA Documentation - AllWISE, All-Sky, 3-Band Cryo, and NEOWISE Post-Cryo Releases

Introduction - AllWISE Release AllWISE Release Intro Page
Introduction - All-Sky Release WISE All-Sky Release Intro Page
Introduction - 3-Band Cryo Release WISE 3-Band Cryo Release Intro Page
Introduction - NEOWISE Post-Cryo Release NEOWISE Post-Cryo Release Intro Page
Program Interfaces Information on program-friendly data services
Documentation - AllWISE Release AllWISE Release Explanatory Supplement
Documentation - All-Sky Release WISE All-Sky Release Explanatory Supplement
Documentation - 3-Band Cryo Release WISE 3-Band Cryo Release Explanatory Supplement
Documentation - NEOWISE Post-Cryo Release NEOWISE Post-Cryo Release Explanatory Supplement
Tutorials Tutorial videos for WISE services

IRSA Services - Preliminary Release

Note: The Preliminary Release has been superseded by the All-Sky Release. The Preliminary Release products are available for reference purposes, but should not be used for new research.

Preliminary Release Catalog Search Access WISE Preliminary Release catalogs using IRSA's catalog query engine
Preliminary Release Introduction WISE Preliminary Release Intro Page
NEOWISE Post-Cryo Preliminary Release Introduction NEOWISE Post-Cryo Preliminary Release Intro Page
Preliminary Release Documentation WISE Preliminary Release Explanatory Supplement
Catalog Bulk Download WISE Preliminary Release Catalog Bulk Download

Other Resources

WISE website WISE Home Page at Berkeley
NASA WISE website WISE Mission Page at NASA
Equatorial Aitoff projection maps showing the area covered by the WISE All-Sky Release (top left), the 3-Band Cryo Release (top right), the NEOWISE Post-Cryo Release (bottom left), and Preliminary Release (bottom right). Click for larger versions. The colors encode the average number of WISE exposures.