Basic Catalog Access

Powered by BabyGator

BabyGator provides an easy entry into IRSA's most popular catalog holdings, enabling access to the catalog's most popular columns via a simple interface. In this release, BabyGator provides access to:
  • the 2MASS All-Sky Point Source Catalog,
  • the 2MASS All-Sky Extended Source Catalog,
  • 2MASS Survey Point Source Reject Table,
  • WISE Preliminary Release Source Catalog,
  • WISE Preliminary Release Level 1b Source Table
  • IRAS Point Source Catalog 2.1,
  • IRAS Faint Source Catalog 2.0,
  • The Midcourse Space Experiment (MSXC6),
  • Spitzer GLIMPSE I Spring 07' Catalog (highly reliable),
  • Spitzer GLIMPSE II Spring '08 Catalog (highly reliable),
  • Spitzer GLIMPSE 3D, 2007-2009 Catalog (highly reliable),
  • Spitzer SWIRE ELAIS N1 Region Spring 05' Spitzer Catalog,
  • Spitzer SWIRE ELAIS N2 Region Spring 05' Spitzer Catalog,
  • Spitzer SWIRE XMM_LSS Region Spring 05' Spitzer Catalog,
  • DENIS 3rd Release (Sep. 2005), and
  • USNO-B1 (United States Naval Observatory B1.0 Catalog)
  • More complex queries on these and other catalogs should be performed using the full Gator engine .