ISO Observation Visualizer: An Introduction and Instructions for use.


The purpose of the ISO Visualizer is to provide the following functions:

The latter two are provided for observations that are within the spatial coverage constraints provided via the first two services. This service does NOT provide access to actual ISO data. Please follow the guidelines and links provided by ESA's ISO postcard server for how to retrieve and use the ISO data.

The ISSA images are used for ISO coverage overlays. Additionally, IRAS Point source catalog and Faint source catalog may also be retrieved to compare with the ISO coverage.

Important Notes on the ISO coverage map displays:

How to use this service:

The main panel contains a text field for location information, a selectable set of image sizes, and a set of optional overlay selections.

The output:

The data panel that results from submission of the job contains:

For further information:

Please contact the ISO Helpdesk for questions regarding the ISO project.
Contact the IRSA Helpdesk for technical problems with this Visualizer.