OASIS Applet and Web Forms:

The following is pretty much boilerplate, except for the data references (in bold) which will be specific to your application. Please note the use of the onkeyup JavaScript event handler. This is necessary to get around a shortcoming in Netscape where the changes to text fields are not alway propogated correctly to OASIS.

<form name="nedform" method="GET" action="#">

   <td bgcolor="#d0d0d0"><b>Object / Coordinates:</b></td>
   <td><input name="oasisImCenter" size=39 value="M51" onkeyup='window.status=this.value'></td>

   <td bgcolor="#d0d0d0"><b>Radius: </b></td>

      <INPUT name="oasisImRadius" size=30 value=1 onkeyup='window.status=this.value'>    Degrees

<table bgcolor="#e0e0e0" border=1 cellpadding=0><tr><td>

<input type=button
       value="Update location/size information from current OASIS image"


<OBJECT classid  = "clsid:8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93"
        WIDTH    =  150
        HEIGHT   =  40
        codebase = "http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.3/jinstall-13-win32.cab#Version=1,3,0,0">

        <PARAM NAME = CODE            VALUE = "irsa.oasis.display.OasisApplet">
        <PARAM NAME = CODEBASE        VALUE = "http:irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/applications/Oasis/applet/">
        <PARAM NAME = "type"          VALUE = "application/x-java-applet;version=1.3">
        <PARAM NAME = "mayscript"     VALUE = "true">
        <PARAM NAME = "scriptable"    VALUE = "false">
        <PARAM NAME = "cache_option"  VALUE = "Plugin">
        <PARAM NAME = "cache_archive" VALUE = "Oasis.jar">
        <PARAM NAME = "label"         VALUE = "Send to OASIS">
        <PARAM NAME = "formurl"       VALUE = "/cgi-bin/NEDBasic/nph-nearposn">
        <PARAM NAME = "datatype"      VALUE = "tbl">
        <PARAM NAME = "formid"        VALUE = "nedform">


   <EMBED type          = "application/x-java-applet;version=1.3"
          CODE          = "irsa.oasis.display.OasisApplet"
          CODEBASE      = "http://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/applications/Oasis/applet/"
          WIDTH         =  150
          HEIGHT        =  40
          mayscript     =  true
          scriptable    =  false
          pluginspage   = "http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.3/plugin-install.html"
          cache_option  = "Plugin"
          cache_archive = "Oasis.jar"
          label         = "Send to OASIS"
          formurl       = "/cgi-bin/NEDBasic/nph-nearposn"
          datatype      = "tbl"
          formid        = "nedform" >


      <p>This browser installation does not support JAVA 1.3 plugin.
         Please update if possible.<p>




The formurl is the base to which all the fields found in the web form are added. The data that is returned (FITS images, ASCII tables, and various XML structures) will be saved in a cache and added to the current display. The associated HTML form must have an ID matching the applet formid parameter. You can optionally set the string to be shown on the applet button using the label applet parameter and explicitly indicate the return datatype using the datatype parameter (though this is doublechecked by inspecting the MIME type in the returned datastream.