HIFI Spectral Maps Highly Processed Data Products (HPDP)
HPDP Overview HPDP Primary Data Access HPDP Solar System Object Search
You can access HPDP data by clicking on a red square in the above IRAS 100 micron image, or by typing in the coordinates below.
Target Selection Single Object
(Name or Coords)
Table Upload
(Multi Object) Instructions
Source Search Radius:
[maximum 6.25 deg]
Coordinate Examples:
  • 192.720627 41.121318 eq
  • 239.353067 -5.065239 ga
  • 221.051938 2.453889 ecl
Default: Equatorial J2000
If you use HPDP data, please cite "Herschel/HIFI Spectral Map Highly Processed Data Products Release Note", P. Morris, S. Beaulieu, & S. Jones, 2016 Herschel-HSC-Doc 2122 v1.1.
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Also available is a Program Interface to Atlas.