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Herschel's Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared (HIFI) produced far-infrared spectral maps. HIFI data products automatically processed with the Standard Product Generation (SPG) pipeline are available through the Herschel Data Search. In contrast, the HIFI Highly Processed Data Products (HPDPs) available here have been produced by HIFI instrument scientists using the Herschel Interactive Processing Environment (HIPE), and can be regarded as being as close to science-ready as possible. HPDPs are available for observations taken in the On-The-Fly (OTF) and Dual Beam Switch (DBS) Raster modes during science programs and calibration campaigns, over the Routine and Check-Out phases. The first HPDP delivery (DR1, Nov. 2016) consists of Band 6 and 7 maps.

Full details on the reductions are given in "Herschel/HIFI Spectral Map Highly Processed Data Product Release Notes", P. Morris et al., 2016 HERSCHEL-HSC-DOC-2122 v1.1. Please reference that document if you use these HPDPs in your work.

Data Set Characteristics

Data ProductDescriptionData Access
Spectra Herschel HIFI Bands 6-7: 1430-1907 GHz (160-200 microns)
Spectral Maps Herschel HIFI Bands 6-7: 1430-1907 GHz (160-200 microns)

HPDP Documentation

DocumentationRelated Information
HPDP Release Notes
List of Solar System Objects observed: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Enceladus, 103P/Hartley 2
HPDP bands cover the following frequency ranges:
band6a: 1430.2-1557.8 GHz
band6b: 1578.2-1697.8 GHz
band7a: 1701.2-1793.8 GHz
band7b: 1793.2-1901.8 GHz
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