Planck Public Data Release 1 (PR1) Effective Beam Data Files

The Planck Data Release 1 Effective Beam data files are provided here, for use with the EffConv tool available on the Software download page.

These files are extremely large, please take care in downloading them. Users should have a minimum of 2.1TB free disk space available to download and unpack these files. You will need approximately 660GB of free disk space to download a complete set of these products in compressed form, and another 1.4TB of space to store the final unpacked data files. Additional working space is helpful for storing the temporary intermediate files produced during decompression and unpacking.

Downloading the products

There are nine separate beam products, one for each Planck frequency. Due to their extreme size, each product is provided in both single-part (one large file) and multi-part (several smaller files) form. Users may download either the single large file, or all the multiple parts for a desired frequency. Users having slower or less-reliable network connections may prefer the multi-part option, as a way of downloading the content as a set of smaller files to reduce risk of download failures. For the multiple-part option, users need to download ALL parts for the desired frequency, and concatenate them in order, into a single compressed tar (*.tar.gz) file before the file can be decompressed and unpacked.

Note: For a particular frequency you should select either the single-part product file or the multi-part product file set. You do not need to download both.

"wget" scripts are also provided to assist with downloading the products. Separate scripts are available for downloading the single-part beam products, and for each of the multi-part products. If your system does not have the "wget" utility available, alternatives such as "curl" can be used by editing the script accordingly.

Verifying the download

A list of MD5 checksums is provided as a way of verifying the integrity of downloaded files, as well as the reassembled .tar.gz data files. Standard utilities can be found on most Unix systems to calculate MD5 checksums. Example utilities include "md5", "md5sum", and "digest -a md5". Users can use such utilities on their local systems to calculate the MD5 checksums of files after they have been downloaded, and compare those checksums to the reference checksums listed on this site, as a way of verifying that files have been downloaded intact.

A list of files and their sizes is also available, for both single-part and multi-part products, as a simple way of checking that the downloaded files are complete.

Reassembling and unpacking the products

Reassembly of multi-part products can be done easily using the unix "cat" utility, by concatenating all the individual parts in order, and redirecting that output to the reassembled (.tar.gz) file. At that point, continue with uncompressing and unpacking as usual.

For example, after downloading all the parts for the 857GHz beam product, the parts can be reassembled, uncompressed, and unpacked with the commands:

% cat 857_unf_beam.tar.gz.* > 857_unf_beam.tar.gz
% gunzip 857_unf_beam.tar.gz
% tar xvf 857_unf_beam.tar

The above steps can be combined into a single command, saving time and disk space by not saving the large intermediate files along the way. Example:

% cat 857_unf_beam.tar.gz.* | gunzip -c | tar xvf -


For questions or assistance with a particular product, please contact the IRSA Help Desk using the link in the header above, or go to

Single-part Beam Files
Unformatted Planck effective beams by sky position and frequency for use with EffConv 030 GHz [85GB]
044 GHz [61GB]
070 GHz [15GB]
100 GHz [97GB]
143 GHz [95GB]
217 GHz [77GB]
353 GHz [69GB]
545 GHz [70GB]
857 GHz [60GB]

MD5 Checksums
Listing of files and sizes
wget script
Multi-part Beam Files
30 GHz (10 parts) 30 GHz part 01 [9.4GB]
30 GHz part 02 [9.4GB]
30 GHz part 03 [9.4GB]
30 GHz part 04 [9.4GB]
30 GHz part 05 [9.4GB]
30 GHz part 06 [9.4GB]
30 GHz part 07 [9.4GB]
30 GHz part 08 [9.4GB]
30 GHz part 09 [9.4GB]
30 GHz part 10 [1.1GB]
wget script
44 GHz (7 parts) 44 GHz part 01 [9.4GB]
44 GHz part 02 [9.4GB]
44 GHz part 03 [9.4GB]
44 GHz part 04 [9.4GB]
44 GHz part 05 [9.4GB]
44 GHz part 06 [9.4GB]
44 GHz part 07 [4.8GB]
wget script
70 GHz (2 parts) 70 GHz part 01 [9.4GB]
70 GHz part 02 [4.8GB]
wget script
100 GHz (11 parts) 100 GHz part 01 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 02 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 03 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 04 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 05 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 06 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 07 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 08 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 09 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 10 [9.4GB]
100 GHz part 11 [3.4GB]
wget script
143 GHz (11 parts) 143 GHz part 01 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 02 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 03 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 04 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 05 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 06 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 07 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 08 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 09 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 10 [9.4GB]
143 GHz part 11 [1.8GB]
wget script
217 GHz (9 parts) 217 GHz part 01 [9.4GB]
217 GHz part 02 [9.4GB]
217 GHz part 03 [9.4GB]
217 GHz part 04 [9.4GB]
217 GHz part 05 [9.4GB]
217 GHz part 06 [9.4GB]
217 GHz part 07 [9.4GB]
217 GHz part 08 [9.4GB]
217 GHz part 09 [1.5GB]
wget script
353 GHz (8 parts) 353 GHz part 01 [9.4GB]
353 GHz part 02 [9.4GB]
353 GHz part 03 [9.4GB]
353 GHz part 04 [9.4GB]
353 GHz part 05 [9.4GB]
353 GHz part 06 [9.4GB]
353 GHz part 07 [9.4GB]
353 GHz part 08 [3.1GB]
wget script
545 GHz (8 parts) 545 GHz part 01 [9.4GB]
545 GHz part 02 [9.4GB]
545 GHz part 03 [9.4GB]
545 GHz part 04 [9.4GB]
545 GHz part 05 [9.4GB]
545 GHz part 06 [9.4GB]
545 GHz part 07 [9.4GB]
545 GHz part 08 [4.1GB]
wget script
857 GHz (7 parts) 857 GHz part 01 [9.4GB]
857 GHz part 02 [9.4GB]
857 GHz part 03 [9.4GB]
857 GHz part 04 [9.4GB]
857 GHz part 05 [9.4GB]
857 GHz part 06 [9.4GB]
857 GHz part 07 [3.9GB]
wget script
Additional Information MD5 Checksums
Listing of files and sizes
wget script