C2D Spitzer and Ancillary Data
You can get a close-up map of a region by clicking on any blue, red, green or yellow overlays on the above image, or by typing a coordinate below. Spitzer instrument color code: IRAC -- blue, MIPS -- red, IRS -- green. BOLOCAM -- yellow.
This page provides access to data from the final delivery (DR4, Fall 2006 and Fall 2007) of the Spitzer Space Telescope "From Molecular Cores to Planet-Forming Disks" (c2d) Legacy Project. BOLOCAM images from a 2009 supplemental delivery are also included.
c2d images and spectra are accessible via the query form below. The data are also available for direct download as follows: images and associated catalogs are organized according to object type - CORES or STARS - or the names of 5 major CLOUDS - ChamaeleonII (CHA_II), Lupus (LUP), Ophiuchus (OPH), Perseus (PER) and Serpens (SER); IRS spectra and MIPS SED's are organized by object name.
c2d has delivered 867 catalogs. IRSA has merged these delivered catalogs into four groups - Clouds, Off-Cloud, Cores, Stars - and serves them through the general Catalog Search engine. A summary of the catalogs types and how to access them is as follows:
Catalog Name Content Catalog Search (merged)
FULL Complete source lists (Section 3.2 of c2d data delivery document [ps | pdf]) Y
HREL Derived from the full catalogs are high reliability catalogs (Section 3.2.1 [ps | pdf]) Y
YSOc Derived from the full catalogs are young stellar object candidates (Section 3.2.2 [ps | pdf]) Y
MM Millimeter wavelength source lists (Section 3.2.3 [ps | pdf]) Y
Transients Catalogs of transients in two epochs (Section 3.2.4 [ps | pdf]) Y
resampled-SWIRE Resampled sources in the ELAIS N1 field measured by the SWIRE Legacy Project, that have been used to study c2d background contamination (Section 3.8 [ps | pdf]) N
(see footnote 1 for download information) 1
1 resampled-SWIRE catalogs can be downloaded in their entirety per cloud (CHA_II, LUP, OPH, PER, and SER).

c2d image "cutouts" in FITS and JPEG format are accessible using IRSA's Cutouts Service.

The canonical paper for the C2D project is Evans et al. (2003). Evans et al. (2009) describes results for part of the sample. The BOLOCAM survey is described in Enoch et al. (2007), with results in Enoch et al. (2009).

Access all the Spitzer Legacy datasets at IRSA.
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