SINGS: hoii Summary

Click here for the SINGS data delivery document (pdf), or here for a simple text explanation of the naming conventions used below. Also see the IRS Extranuclear Summary page for this galaxy.

IRSA Image
hoii  Optical 3-Color Preview:
B (blue) + R (green) + I (red)

hoii   Optical Spectra Preview not available
  • Ancillary Spectra   IRSA Image

  • Nuclear Spectra: None
    20" Drift Scans: None
    55" Drift Scans: None

IRSA Image
hoii  IRAC 3-Color Preview (center panel):
ch1 (blue) + ch2 (green) + ch4 (red)

IRSA Image
hoii  MIPS24 Preview

hoii  IRS SH_nuc Preview not available