Source Designations for IRAS Catalogs


[Adapted from the Explanatory Supplement for the IRAS Faint Source Survey]

           Catalog                                  Source Name
           Point Source Catalog                     IRAS 12345-6789
           Point Source Reject Catalog              IRAS R12345-6789
           Small Scale Structure Catalog            IRAS X1234-678
           Serendipitous Survey Catalog             IRAS S12345-678
           Faint Source Catalog                     IRAS F12345-6789
           Faint Source Reject Catalog              IRAS Z12345-6789

Moshir, M. et al. 1992, Explanatory Supplement to the IRAS Faint Source Survey, version 2, JPL D-10015 8/92 (Pasadena: JPL).

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