HIRES is available via a web application form:

Hires Form

HIRES uses the Maximum Correlation Method (MCM, H.H. Aumann, J.W. Fowler and M. Melnyk, (1990), AJ, 99, 1674) to produce images with better than the nominal resolution of the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) data.

HIRES is a powerful tool for studying morphology and for separating confused sources. HIRES can produce resolution of better than an arcminute, roughly a five-fold increase over the unenhanced resolution. However, the actual resolution achieved for a given source varies in a complicated fashion.

HIRES is suitable for studying morphology, or doing aperture photometry. HIRES fluxes are accurate to about 20%, similar to the unenhanced full-resolution survey coadds (FRESCOs). Most of the uncertainty is due to background estimation uncertainties.

Like FRESCO, HIRES images are available as 1 degree by 1 degree or 2 degree by 2 degree images, with either 15" or 30" pixels. The user also has control over what data goes into the image and what de-striping technique is used.

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