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ISSA Explanatory Supplement

S. Wheelock, T. N. Gautier III, J. Chillemi, D. Kester, H. McCallon, C. Oken, J. White, D. Gregorich, F. Boulanger, J. Good and T. Chester

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This online version of the IRAS Sky Survey Atlas Explanatory Supplement was produced at the Astrophysics Data Facility at NASA GSFC from the original TeX files and scanned images of the figures from the printed version. It was updated in 2002 by the Infrared Science Archive at IPAC.

The TeX files were kindly provided by Sherry Wheelock (Infrared Processing and Analysis Center). The scanned figures were processed by Vivek Dwivedi at the ADF.

The format of this online document was chosen to match that produced by Scott Chester for the IRAS Catalogs and Atlases Explanatory Supplement at IPAC.

This document is largely a faithful representation of the printed version. Links to the IRAS Catalogs and Atlases Explanatory Supplement and to cited literature have been added. Because most browsers do not currently support Greek letters except for µ, the other Greek letters have been represented by bitmaps produced by Karen Strom. We thank her for making those bitmaps available. (These symbols are available at the Symbols Bonanza site.)

Major remaining work: adding links from the Index.

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