[Abstracted from Moshir et al. (1992)]

The Faint Source Reject Catalog contains 593,516 sources rejected for inclusion in the Faint Source Catalog because they failed to meet one or more of the criteria established to ensure the reliability of the FSC. The REJECTED sources in the FSR are either in confused regions of the sky, or in areas with |b| < 10-20°, or were detected only in a single band with a signal-to-noise ratio of 3-6. The FSR also includes sources from areas of the sky covered by fewer than six detector passes, and sources contaminated by or caused by cometary debris trails. The format of the FSR is the same as that of the FSC, although for distribution the FSR has been divided into separate files for each hour of right ascension.

Moshir, M. et al. 1992, Explanatory Supplement to the IRAS Faint Source Survey, version 2, JPL D-10015 8/92 (Pasadena: JPL).

Version and release date: 2.0, 1990 Sept