[Adapted from the Explanatory Supplement.]

This is a catalog of 372,774 potential infrared point sources that failed one or more of the confirmation and confusion criteria and were not, thus, included in the Point Source Catalog. These REJECTED sources include spurious objects (e.g., processing failures, space debris, asteroids and comets) and celestial sources that, due to incompleteness at faint levels or to variability, failed to achieve the minimum criterion of two hours-confirmed sightings. In regions of high source density the catalog includes sources rejected by the more severe criteria for reliability applied there.

The format of this catalog is identical to that of the Point Source Catalog.

Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) Catalogs and Atlases, vol. 1, Explanatory Supplement, 1988, ed. C. Beichman, et al., NASA RP-1190 (Washington, DC: GPO)

Version and release date: 2.1, 1989 July 26