Mission Characteristics

Lifetime: Cryogenic mission 2006-2007 (18 months)
Warm mission 2007-2011
Wavelength: 1.8-180 µm
Area Coverage: All-Sky
  • Infrared Camera (IRC): Nine bands between 1.8-26 µm
  • Far-Infrared Surveyor (FIS): Four bands between 50-180 µm
Science Products Generated:
  • All-sky photometry catalogs
  • Imaging and spectroscopic data
Funding Agency: JAXA Akari Logo ISAS Logo JAXA Logo

IRSA Services

AKARI Far-infrared All-Sky Survey Maps Image mosaics from the AKARI/FIS all-sky survey.
Finder Chart Visualization tool to cross-compare image data sets from various missions.
IRSA Viewer Enhanced image previews, including catalog overlays, plots from simple manipulations of catalog columns, and support for DS9 region files.
AKARI/FIS Bright Source Catalogue Use IRSA's General Catalog Search to search the catalogues.
AKARI/IRC Point Source Catalogue
AKARI Asteroid Flux Catalogue

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