Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)

Mission Characteristics

Lifetime: 2004 - present
  • u (3551 Å)
  • g (4686 Å)
  • r (6165 Å)
  • i (7481 Å)
  • z (8931 Å)
Area Coverage: Targeted - 11663 square degrees.
Instruments: SDSS camera and spectrograph on the 2.5-meter telescope at Apache Point Observatory.
Science Products Generated: The DR7 imaging data cover 11663 square degrees, and include information on roughly 357 million objects, in five bands.

IRSA Services

Image Mosaic Service Use the IRSA and NVO image mosaic service to return science-grade SDSS mosaics that (a) preserve fluxes and astrometry and (b) rectify backgrounds to a common level.
FinderChart Visualization tool to cross-compare image data sets from various missions.

Other Resources:

SDSS Website The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Home Page.