Example for Table Uploads

The table upload feature finds positional matches with coordinates in an input source list. The input table file must be created on the client machine in ASCII format according to rules regarding formatting and column names.

Simple Example

Here is a simple example which will be used to illustrate the formatting rules. Note that optional header lines are displayed in green, required header lines in red, and data records in blue.

\ Example upload table - a line beginning with a backslash and
\ immediately followed by a space is taken to be a comment line.
\ Note:
\ (1) No tabs are allowed
\ (2) Data type of RA and DEC should be "double" instead of "char"
\ (3) Column names and column data type are required
\ (4) No blank lines at the end of the table
\ (5) Radius in arcseconds.
\ A line beginning with a backslash followed by anything but a space
\ is taken to be a keyword:
\EQUINOX = 'J2000.0'
| name                  | ra       | dec       | radius  |
| char                  | double   | double    | double  |
  M31                     10.684710   41.268749        10
  2MASXJ06111689-6609210  92.820389  -66.155838        50

Note that column delimiters ("|" characters) are required in header lines. Again, the data type of both the ra and dec columns should be 'double'.

For more detailed instructions, please click here