Coordinates/Object  Name

This input field must contain either a sky coordinate or an object name resolvable via IRSA, NED, SIMBAD, or SWAS. 2MASS or SWAS object names are resolved by IRSA while all other names are resolved via NED / SIMBAD .

If the input field contains a string which can be interpreted as a coordinate representation, it is used as such. Both decimal degree and sexagesimal notations are supported. If not, the string is sent first to IRSA's 2MASS resolver, then to NED, to SIMBAD, and finally to IRSA's SWAS resolver to attempt name resolution. The following are examples of acceptable name/coordinate formats:

  • m83
  • NGC 7479
  • 2MASXJ23045666+1219223
  • 17h 44m 34s -27d 59m 13s Equatorial J2000
  • 23h04m56.63s 12d19m22.7s Equ J2000
  • 22h57m57.5s +26d09m00.09s Equatorial B1950
  • 17h44m34s -27d59m13s
  • 00h42m44.3s +41d16m08s b1950
  • 00:42:44.3 -41:16:08
  • 00 42 44.3 -41 16 08 b1983
  • 004244.3 -411608
  • 17h -27d Equ J2000
  • 17h -27d
  • 34.5565 54.2321 gal
  • 34. 54. ecl