IRSA Catalog List Service (CatList)

CatList returns a list of IRSA's public or private catalog holdings in XML or HTML format.

The general format of an HTTP GET query is :

[URL of program]?[keyword1=value1]&[keyword2=value2]&...[keywordn=valuen]

The URL of the IRSA CatList program is


For Public Catalogs, the service accepts the following keywords

mode optional html ___ display Gator catalog list in HTML (default).
xml ___ output Gator catalog list in XML.
ascii ___ output Gator catalog list in IPAC ASCII.
projshort optional Groups catalogs by mission.
Then possible values are 2MASS(default), IRAS, SPITZER, and MSX
Form Examples:
Note: Netscape 7.0, Opera, and Safari do not render XML structures correctly.
URL Examples:
  (1) Get list of all public catalogs in XML format:
 View Result in XML
  (2) Get Spitzer catalogs list in HTML format: mode=html&projshort=SPITZER
View Result in HTML
  (3) Get list of 2MASS catalogs.
View Result in HTML
  (4) Get list of 2MASS catalogs in HTML format.
View Result in HTML
Get a list of Internal Project Catalogs.