A tool for displaying ISO observations on the sky and provide  links to ISO postcards.
Note: Actual data downloads must be obtained from the ISO archive .

You can get a map of the region by selecting a position on the above all sky map.
ISO observations color code: CAM -- yellow, LWS --  red, SWS --  green, PHT -- blue

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Coordinate/Object Size (deg)   (Max: 12.5 deg)
Location Examples:  10 41 37.61 -59 49 00.34  Equ J2000   |  3.5 -0.5 ga   |  m51
Default Coordinate System:  Equatorial J2000  Instructions
IRAS Background Image:
12 Micron
60 Micron
25 Micron
100 Micron
IRAS Point Sources
Coordinate Grid
IRAS Faint Sources
ISO Observations

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