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Lookup can do three things: 1) Look up an object name in NED and/or SIMBAD for its coordinates; 2) Pull the coordinates off a full 2MASS or WISE catalog name; or 3) Translate astronomical coordinates into several different systems.
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Object Name

00h 42m 44.35s +41d 16m 08.6s Equatorial J2000
10.684793 +41.269065 Equatorial J2000 (deg)
00h 40m 00.11s +40d 59m 42.9s Equatorial B1950
10.000474 +40.995244 Equatorial B1950 (deg)
121.174405 -21.572936 Galactic (deg)
27.849389 +33.348856 Ecliptic J2000 (deg)

NED MESSIER 031 Galaxy 00h 42m 44.35s +41d 16m 08.6s Equ J2000

Examples:   289.3848 11.9674 eq  |   19h17m32s 11d58m02s Equ J2000  |   46.5377 -0.2518 ga  |   M 31
Default:        Equatorial J2000

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