MOST - Moving Object Search Tool  

The Moving Object Search Tool (MOST) can determine the orbit for a given solar system object then find images that covered the object's predicted positions in select image datasets housed at IRSA (see Instructions). It can serve as a "precovery" tool to see if newly discovered objects were previously observed.


 Image Dataset  
 Observation Begin (UTC)      Observation End (UTC)   
 Ephemeris Step Size (day)  
 Output Mode 
 Create Fits and DS9 Region Files Tarballs

  Solar System Object Name Input:       

  Solar System Object NAIF ID Input:  

  MPC One-Line Element Input:   

       Object Type   

  Orbital Elements Manual Input:

Object Type             Object Designation
Epoch  (MJD)

Inclination  (deg) 

Argument of Perihelion (deg) Ascending Node  (deg) 

Semi-major Axis (AU) (Asteroid Only) Mean Anomaly  (deg) (Asteroid Only)

Perihelion Distance (AU) (Comet Only) Perihelion Time (JD) (Comet Only)