MSX Image Server and Catalog Overlays v6.0

An alternate web form which uses an MSX Galactic plane composite to select data from the Galactic plane survey is available here

MSX images are available for the regions shown (an IRAS 100 micron ISSA image with a J2000 Equatorial grid is shown as background). In the Galactic plane, some areas are available both as standard mosaics and from higher sensitivity maps (shown in yellow). Images of galaxies, star forming regions out of the Galactic plane are indicated in yellow and IRAS Gap regions in red. Click on a region to retrieve the MSX region image, optionally overlaid with MSX or IRAS Point Source Catalog data and a Galactic goordinate grid.

Note: This service can make Galactic mosaics up to 6 degrees square but takes about 6 seconds per square degree (e.g. about three and a half minutes for the maximum size).

For more info, see: Description of Images
   Size (deg.)
   (Max: 6 deg)
Band A (8.28 µm)
Band C (12.13 µm)
Band D (14.65 µm)
Band E (21.3 µm)

MSXC6 Catalog Sources
MSXC6 Catalog Rejects
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Coordinate Grid 

Location Examples: 289.3848 11.9674 eq  |   19h17m32s 11d58m02s Equ J2000 
46.5377 -0.2518 ga     |   M 16
Default: Equatorial J2000