MSX Image Server and Catalog Overlays

The above MSX Galactic plane mosaic can be used for location specification. Set the other parameters below, then click on any location on this image to retrieve full-resolution MSX data.

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Object/Coord    Size (deg.)
    Max: 1.5
Band A
Band C 
Band D
Band E 

MSX Catalog Sources
IRAS PSC Catalog Sources
Coordinate Grid 

Location Examples: 289.3848 11.9674 eq  |   19h17m32s 11d58m02s Equ J2000 
46.5377 -0.2518 ga     |   M 16
Default: Equatorial J2000

Suggested Acknowledgement
This research made use of data products from the Midcourse Space Experiment. Processing of the data was funded by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization with additional support from NASA Office of Space Science. This research has also made use of the NASA/ IPAC Infrared Science Archive, which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.