Oasis An Interface to

On-line Archive
 Science Information Services

Oasis provides access to data from many sources, including
Client GIS functionality allows fusion multiple datasets simultaneously. A general mechanism allows easy extension with other third-party data.

OASIS Future Plans

Future development of Oasis will be driven by user feedback and the needs of IRSA to serve the infrared sky to the astronomical community. The following are already in development or awaiting testing. Comments and suggestions are welcome, and should be sent to


Science User Functionality

  • Client-side DBMS functionality. Much of the data retrieved from archive services is in the form of tables. We are investigating the possibility of including basic DBMS functionality (sort, search, subset) within Oasis using third-party tools such as CloudScape. This would allow such processing as "mark all sources with flux > 10 Jy" or "sort the result table by magnitude".
  • Image compositing. Rather than write a great deal of code to composite images (most of which would be a poor version of programs like PhotoShop) we have opted for simply supporting "JPEG with coordinates". In other words, Oasis can use a JPEG image as a backdrop, so long as there is associated WCS information available (currently in the form of a separate FITS-header-like ASCII file. We plan to build a simple tool (using JAI) to perform basic compositing but expect most people to use commercial software for true image manipulation.

Enabling Technology

  • Remote request management. For some archives (IRSA in particular) remote services will be evolving away from the current stateless, stay-connected-until-you-have-the-data mode and toward one where requests can be made which take an indeterminant time to complete (anything from seconds to days or even requests for information whenever it becomes available).

    Oasis has implemented a remote service event handling mechanism and IRSA is currently working on an infrastructure which will manage (on the server side) the associated services.