Oasis An Interface to

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Oasis provides access to data from many sources, including
Client GIS functionality allows fusion multiple datasets simultaneously. A general mechanism allows easy extension with other third-party data.

Known Problems and Caveats

  • Oasis has been tested on SUN Solaris 2.8, Windows 95/98/NT, LINUX and Macintosh. It may work on other UNIX platforms but has not been tested.
  • The user currenly has no ability to select/edit sky drawing characteristics.
  • Not all image projections have been fully tested. Currently tested are TAN, SIN, AIT, STG, CAR and the custom DSS projection (Palomar plate solution). Others will work, though we need examples to test them fully. Anyone who would like to volunteer such examples can email us at oasis@ipac.caltech.edu
  • The JavaHelp system (the standard software from SUN) has an appreciable startup time, after which is is reasonably responsive. Therefore, please be patient the first time you activate help.
  • Oasis has access to limited memory. JAVA, when running as a plugin, is given a maximum memory (approximately 64 MByte), and we have to work within these constraints. While we have gone to great lengths to carefully manage memory, it is still possible to run out, particularly when drawing lots of vectors. The exact number of map symbols or contours is not a good measure since we interpolate if the vector must be curved, but tens of thousands are usually feasible. When Oasis runs out of available memory, the current task is halted and the user is asked to clean up whatever they can.