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Kepler-62: A Five-Planet System with Planets of 1.4 and 1.6 Earth Radii in the Habitable Zone


Borucki, William J. and Agol, Eric and Fressin, Francois and Kaltenegger, Lisa and Rowe, Jason and Isaacson, Howard and Fischer, Debra and Batalha, Natalie and Lissauer, Jack J. and Marcy, Geoffrey W. and Fabrycky, Daniel and Désert, Jean-Michel and Bryson, Stephen T. and Barclay, Thomas and Bastien, Fabienne and Boss, Alan and Brugamyer, Erik and Buchhave, Lars A. and Burke, Chris and Caldwell, Douglas A. and Carter, Josh and Charbonneau, David and Crepp, Justin R. and Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jørgen and Christiansen, Jessie L. and Ciardi, David and Cochran, William D. and DeVore, Edna and Doyle, Laurance and Dupree, Andrea K. and Endl, Michael and Everett, Mark E. and Ford, Eric B. and Fortney, Jonathan and Gautier, Thomas N. and Geary, John C. and Gould, Alan and Haas, Michael and Henze, Christopher and Howard, Andrew W. and Howell, Steve B. and Huber, Daniel and Jenkins, Jon M. and Kjeldsen, Hans and Kolbl, Rea and Kolodziejczak, Jeffery and Latham, David W. and Lee, Brian L. and Lopez, Eric and Mullally, Fergal and Orosz, Jerome A. and Prsa, Andrej and Quintana, Elisa V. and Sanchis-Ojeda, Roberto and Sasselov, Dimitar and Seader, Shawn and Shporer, Avi and Steffen, Jason H. and Still, Martin and Tenenbaum, Peter and Thompson, Susan E. and Torres, Guillermo and Twicken, Joseph D. and Welsh, William F. and Winn, Joshua N.



, 2013, 340, 587-590

Data Sets Used

Note: A "More Missions" icon indicates one or more data sets from among: COSMOS, BLAST, BOLOCAM, IRTS, MSX, SWAS, BRAVA, MUSYC, GPIPS, HERON. Follow the icon link for data set descriptions.

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