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Very Low Mass Stellar and Substellar Companions to Solar-like Stars from MARVELS. IV. A Candidate Brown Dwarf or Low-mass Stellar Companion to HIP 67526


Jiang, Peng and Ge, Jian and Cargile, Phillip and Crepp, Justin R. and De Lee, Nathan and Porto de Mello, Gustavo F. and Esposito, Massimiliano and Ferreira, Letícia D. and Femenia, Bruno and Fleming, Scott W. and Gaudi, B. Scott and Ghezzi, Luan and González Hernández, Jonay I. and Hebb, Leslie and Lee, Brian L. and Ma, Bo and Stassun, Keivan G. and Wang, Ji and Wisniewski, John P. and Agol, Eric and Bizyaev, Dmitry and Brewington, Howard and Chang, Liang and Nicolaci da Costa, Luiz and Eastman, Jason D. and Ebelke, Garrett and Gary, Bruce and Kane, Stephen R. and Li, Rui and Liu, Jian and Mahadevan, Suvrath and Maia, Marcio A. G. and Malanushenko, Viktor and Malanushenko, Elena and Muna, Demitri and Nguyen, Duy Cuong and Ogando, Ricardo L. C. and Oravetz, Audrey and Oravetz, Daniel and Pan, Kaike and Pepper, Joshua and Paegert, Martin and Allende Prieto, Carlos and Rebolo, Rafael and Santiago, Basilio X. and Schneider, Donald P. and Shelden Bradley, Alaina C. and Sivarani, Thirupathi and Snedden, Stephanie and van Eyken, J. C. and Wan, Xiaoke and Weaver, Benjamin A. and Zhao, Bo



, 2013, 146, 65

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