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The CO-to-H_{2} Conversion Factor and Dust-to-gas Ratio on Kiloparsec Scales in Nearby Galaxies


Sandstrom, K. M. and Leroy, A. K. and Walter, F. and Bolatto, A. D. and Croxall, K. V. and Draine, B. T. and Wilson, C. D. and Wolfire, M. and Calzetti, D. and Kennicutt, R. C. and Aniano, G. and Donovan Meyer, J. and Usero, A. and Bigiel, F. and Brinks, E. and de Blok, W. J. G. and Crocker, A. and Dale, D. and Engelbracht, C. W. and Galametz, M. and Groves, B. and Hunt, L. K. and Koda, J. and Kreckel, K. and Linz, H. and Meidt, S. and Pellegrini, E. and Rix, H. -W. and Roussel, H. and Schinnerer, E. and Schruba, A. and Schuster, K. -F. and Skibba, R. and van der Laan, T. and Appleton, P. and Armus, L. and Brandl, B. and Gordon, K. and Hinz, J. and Krause, O. and Montiel, E. and Sauvage, M. and Schmiedeke, A. and Smith, J. D. T. and Vigroux, L.



, 2013, 777, 5

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