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CSI 2264: Simultaneous Optical and Infrared Light Curves of Young Disk-bearing Stars in NGC 2264 with CoRoT and SpitzerEvidence for Multiple Origins of Variability


Cody, Ann Marie and Stauffer, John and Baglin, Annie and Micela, Giuseppina and Rebull, Luisa M. and Flaccomio, Ettore and Morales-Calderón, María and Aigrain, Suzanne and Bouvier, Jèrôme and Hillenbrand, Lynne A. and Gutermuth, Robert and Song, Inseok and Turner, Neal and Alencar, Silvia H. P. and Zwintz, Konstanze and Plavchan, Peter and Carpenter, John and Findeisen, Krzysztof and Carey, Sean and Terebey, Susan and Hartmann, Lee and Calvet, Nuria and Teixeira, Paula and Vrba, Frederick J. and Wolk, Scott and Covey, Kevin and Poppenhaeger, Katja and Günther, Hans Moritz and Forbrich, Jan and Whitney, Barbara and Affer, Laura and Herbst, William and Hora, Joseph and Barrado, David and Holtzman, Jon and Marchis, Franck and Wood, Kenneth and Medeiros Guimarães, Marcelo and Lillo Box, Jorge and Gillen, Ed and McQuillan, Amy and Espaillat, Catherine and Allen, Lori and D’Alessio, Paola and Favata, Fabio



, 2014, 147, 82

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