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Spitzer as a Microlens Parallax Satellite: Mass and Distance Measurements of the Binary Lens System OGLE-2014-BLG-1050L


Zhu, Wei and Udalski, A. and Gould, A. and Dominik, M. and Bozza, V. and Han, C. and Yee, J. C. and Calchi Novati, S. and Beichman, C. A. and Carey, S. and Poleski, R. and Skowron, J. and Kozłowski, S. and Mróz, P. and Pietrukowicz, P. and Pietrzyński, G. and Szymański, M. K. and Soszyński, I. and Ulaczyk, K. and Wyrzykowski, Ł. and OGLE Collaboration and Gaudi, B. S. and Pogge, R. W. and DePoy, D. L. and Jung, Y. K. and Choi, J. -Y. and Hwang, K. -H. and Shin, I. -G. and Park, H. and Jeong, J. and \muFUN Collaboration



, 2015, 805, 8

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