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The HerMES submillimetre local and low-redshift luminosity functions


Marchetti, L. and Vaccari, M. and Franceschini, A. and Arumugam, V. and Aussel, H. and Béthermin, M. and Bock, J. and Boselli, A. and Buat, V. and Burgarella, D. and Clements, D. L. and Conley, A. and Conversi, L. and Cooray, A. and Dowell, C. D. and Farrah, D. and Feltre, A. and Glenn, J. and Griffin, M. and Hatziminaoglou, E. and Heinis, S. and Ibar, E. and Ivison, R. J. and Nguyen, H. T. and O’Halloran, B. and Oliver, S. J. and Page, M. J. and Papageorgiou, A. and Pearson, C. P. and Pérez-Fournon, I. and Pohlen, M. and Rigopoulou, D. and Roseboom, I. G. and Rowan-Robinson, M. and Schulz, B. and Scott, Douglas and Seymour, N. and Shupe, D. L. and Smith, A. J. and Symeonidis, M. and Valtchanov, I. and Viero, M. and Wang, L. and Wardlow, J. and Xu, C. K. and Zemcov, M.



, 2016, 456, 1999-2023

Data Sets Used

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