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Common Envelope Ejection for a Luminous Red Nova in M101


Blagorodnova, N. and Kotak, R. and Polshaw, J. and Kasliwal, M. M. and Cao, Y. and Cody, A. M. and Doran, G. B. and Elias-Rosa, N. and Fraser, M. and Fremling, C. and Gonzalez-Fernandez, C. and Harmanen, J. and Jencson, J. and Kankare, E. and Kudritzki, R. -P. and Kulkarni, S. R. and Magnier, E. and Manulis, I. and Masci, F. J. and Mattila, S. and Nugent, P. and Ochner, P. and Pastorello, A. and Reynolds, T. and Smith, K. and Sollerman, J. and Taddia, F. and Terreran, G. and Tomasella, L. and Turatto, M. and Vreeswijk, P. M. and Wozniak, P. and Zaggia, S.



, 2017, 834, 107

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