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MOA-2016-BLG-227Lb: A Massive Planet Characterized by Combining Light-curve Analysis and Keck AO Imaging


Koshimoto, N. and Shvartzvald, Y. and Bennett, D. P. and Penny, M. T. and Hundertmark, M. and Bond, I. A. and Zang, W. C. and Henderson, C. B. and Suzuki, D. and Rattenbury, N. J. and Sumi, T. and and and Abe, F. and Asakura, Y. and Bhattacharya, A. and Donachie, M. and Evans, P. and Fukui, A. and Hirao, Y. and Itow, Y. and Li, M. C. A. and Ling, C. H. and Masuda, K. and Matsubara, Y. and Matsuo, T. and Muraki, Y. and Nagakane, M. and Ohnishi, K. and Ranc, C. and Saito, T. and Sharan, A. and Shibai, H. and Sullivan, D. J. and Tristram, P. J. and Yamada, T. and Yamada, T. and Yonehara, A. and MOA Collaboration and Gelino, C. R. and Beichman, C. and Beaulieu, J.-P. and Marquette, J.-B. and Batista, V. and Keck Team and Friedmann, M. and Hallakoun, N. and Kaspi, S. and Maoz, D. and Wise Group and Bryden, G. and Calchi Novati, S. and Howell, S. B. and UKIRT Team and Wang, T. S. and Mao, S. and Fouqué, P. and Microlensing Survey, C.-K. and Korhonen, H. and Jørgensen, U. G. and Street, R. and Tsapras, Y. and Dominik, M. and Kerins, E. and Cassan, A. and Snodgrass, C. and Bachelet, E. and Bozza, V. and Bramich, D. M. and VST-K2C9 Team



, 2017, 154, 3

Data Sets Used

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