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HAT-P-67b: An Extremely Low Density Saturn Transiting an F-subgiant Confirmed via Doppler Tomography


Zhou, G. and Bakos, G. Á. and Hartman, J. D. and Latham, D. W. and Torres, G. and Bhatti, W. and Penev, K. and Buchhave, L. and Kovács, G. and Bieryla, A. and Quinn, S. and Isaacson, H. and Fulton, B. J. and Falco, E. and Csubry, Z. and Everett, M. and Szklenar, T. and Esquerdo, G. and Berlind, P. and Calkins, M. L. and Béky, B. and Knox, R. P. and Hinz, P. and Horch, E. P. and Hirsch, L. and Howell, S. B. and Noyes, R. W. and Marcy, G. and de Val-Borro, M. and Lázár, J. and Papp, I. and Sári, P.



, 2017, 153, 211

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