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DES meets Gaia: discovery of strongly lensed quasars from a multiplet search


Agnello, A. and Lin, H. and Kuropatkin, N. and Buckley-Geer, E. and Anguita, T. and Schechter, P. L. and Morishita, T. and Motta, V. and Rojas, K. and Treu, T. and Amara, A. and Auger, M. W. and Courbin, F. and Fassnacht, C. D. and Frieman, J. and More, A. and Marshall, P. J. and McMahon, R. G. and Meylan, G. and Suyu, S. H. and Glazebrook, K. and Morgan, N. and Nord, B. and Abbott, T. M. C. and Abdalla, F. B. and Annis, J. and Bechtol, K. and Benoit-Lévy, A. and Bertin, E. and Bernstein, R. A. and Brooks, D. and Burke, D. L. and Rosell, A. Carnero and Carretero, J. and Cunha, C. E. and D’Andrea, C. B. and da Costa, L. N. and Desai, S. and Drlica-Wagner, A. and Eifler, T. F. and Flaugher, B. and García-Bellido, J. and Gaztanaga, E. and Gerdes, D. W. and Gruen, D. and Gruendl, R. A. and Gschwend, J. and Gutierrez, G. and Honscheid, K. and James, D. J. and Kuehn, K. and Lahav, O. and Lima, M. and Maia, M. A. G. and March, M. and Menanteau, F. and Miquel, R. and Ogando, R. L. C. and Plazas, A. A. and Sanchez, E. and Scarpine, V. and Schindler, R. and Schubnell, M. and Sevilla-Noarbe, I. and Smith, M. and Soares-Santos, M. and Sobreira, F. and Suchyta, E. and Swanson, M. E. C. and Tarle, G. and Tucker, D. and Wechsler, R.



, 2018, 479, 4345-4354

Data Sets Used

Note: A "More Missions" icon indicates one or more data sets from among: COSMOS, BLAST, BOLOCAM, IRTS, MSX, SWAS, BRAVA, MUSYC, GPIPS, HERON. Follow the icon link for data set descriptions.

A best-effort attempt was made to match publications with data sets actually used given available resources. It is possible that in some cases data sets were missed or the publication's use of the data set was indirect or incidental.