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HD 2685 b: a hot Jupiter orbiting an early F-type star detected by TESS


Jones, Matías I. and Brahm, Rafael and Espinoza, Nestor and Wang, Songhu and Shporer, Avi and Henning, Thomas and Jordán, Andrés and Sarkis, Paula and Paredes, Leonardo A. and Hodari-Sadiki, James and Henry, Todd and Cruz, Bryndis and Nielsen, Louise D. and Bouchy, François and Pepe, Francesco and Ségransan, Damien and Turner, Oliver and Udry, Stéphane and Marmier, Maxime and Lovis, Christophe and Bakos, Gaspar and Osip, David and Suc, Vincent and Ziegler, Carl and Tokovinin, Andrei and Law, Nick M. and Mann, Andrew W. and Relles, Howard and Collins, Karen A. and Bayliss, Daniel and Sedaghati, Elyar and Latham, David W. and Seager, Sara and Winn, Joshua N. and Jenkins, Jon M. and Smith, Jeffrey C. and Davies, Misty and Tenenbaum, Peter and Dittmann, Jason and Vanderburg, Andrew and Christiansen, Jessie L. and Haworth, Kari and Doty, John and Furész, Gabor and Laughlin, Greg and Matthews, Elisabeth and Crossfield, Ian and Howell, Steve and Ciardi, David and Gonzales, Erica and Matson, Rachel and Beichman, Charles and Schlieder, Joshua



, 2019, 625, A16

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