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GROWTH on S190814bv: Deep Synoptic Limits on the Optical/Near-infrared Counterpart to a Neutron Star─Black Hole Merger


Andreoni, Igor and Goldstein, Daniel A. and Kasliwal, Mansi M. and Nugent, Peter E. and Zhou, Rongpu and Newman, Jeffrey A. and Bulla, Mattia and Foucart, Francois and Hotokezaka, Kenta and Nakar, Ehud and Nissanke, Samaya and Raaijmakers, Geert and Bloom, Joshua S. and De, Kishalay and Jencson, Jacob E. and Ward, Charlotte and Ahumada, Tomás and Anand, Shreya and Buckley, David A. H. and Caballero-García, Maria D. and Castro-Tirado, Alberto J. and Copperwheat, Christopher M. and Coughlin, Michael W. and Cenko, S. Bradley and Gromadzki, Mariusz and Hu, Youdong and Karambelkar, Viraj R. and Perley, Daniel A. and Sharma, Yashvi and Valeev, Azamat F. and Cook, David O. and Fremling, U. Christoffer and Kumar, Harsh and Taggart, Kirsty and Bagdasaryan, Ashot and Cooke, Jeff and Dahiwale, Aishwarya and Dhawan, Suhail and Dobie, Dougal and Gatkine, Pradip and Golkhou, V. Zach and Goobar, Ariel and Chaves, Andreas Guerra and Hankins, Matthew and Kaplan, David L. and Kong, Albert K. H. and Kool, Erik C. and Mohite, Siddharth and Sollerman, Jesper and Tzanidakis, Anastasios and Webb, Sara and Zhang, Keming



, 2020, 890, 131

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