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The Multiplanet System TOI-421


Carleo, Ilaria and Gandolfi, Davide and Barragán, Oscar and Livingston, John H. and Persson, Carina M. and Lam, Kristine W. F. and Vidotto, Aline and Lund, Michael B. and D’Angelo, Carolina Villarreal and Collins, Karen A. and Fossati, Luca and Howard, Andrew W. and Kubyshkina, Daria and Brahm, Rafael and Oklopčić, Antonija and Mollière, Paul and Redfield, Seth and Serrano, Luisa Maria and Dai, Fei and Fridlund, Malcolm and Borsa, Francesco and Korth, Judith and Esposito, Massimiliano and Díaz, Matías R. and Nielsen, Louise Dyregaard and Hellier, Coel and Mathur, Savita and Deeg, Hans J. and Hatzes, Artie P. and Benatti, Serena and Rodler, Florian and Alarcon, Javier and Spina, Lorenzo and Santos, Ângela R. G. and Georgieva, Iskra and García, Rafael A. and González-Cuesta, Lucía and Ricker, George R. and Vanderspek, Roland and Latham, David W. and Seager, Sara and Winn, Joshua N. and Jenkins, Jon M. and Albrecht, Simon and Batalha, Natalie M. and Beard, Corey and Boyd, Patricia T. and Bouchy, François and Burt, Jennifer A. and Butler, R. Paul and Cabrera, Juan and Chontos, Ashley and Ciardi, David R. and Cochran, William D. and Collins, Kevin I. and Crane, Jeffrey D. and Crossfield, Ian and Csizmadia, Szilard and Dragomir, Diana and Dressing, Courtney and Eigmüller, Philipp and Endl, Michael and Erikson, Anders and Espinoza, Nestor and Fausnaugh, Michael and Feng, Fabo and Flowers, Erin and Fulton, Benjamin and Gonzales, Erica J. and Grieves, Nolan and Grziwa, Sascha and Guenther, Eike W. and Guerrero, Natalia M. and Henning, Thomas and Hidalgo, Diego and Hirano, Teruyuki and Hjorth, Maria and Huber, Daniel and Isaacson, Howard and Jones, Matias and Jordán, Andrés and Kabáth, Petr and Kane, Stephen R. and Knudstrup, Emil and Lubin, Jack and Luque, Rafael and Mireles, Ismael and Narita, Norio and Nespral, David and Niraula, Prajwal and Nowak, Grzegorz and Palle, Enric and Pätzold, Martin and Petigura, Erik A. and Prieto-Arranz, Jorge and Rauer, Heike and Robertson, Paul and Rose, Mark E. and Roy, Arpita and Sarkis, Paula and Schlieder, Joshua E. and Ségransan, Damien and Shectman, Stephen and Skarka, Marek and Smith, Alexis M. S. and Smith, Jeffrey C. and Stassun, Keivan and Teske, Johanna and Twicken, Joseph D. and Van Eylen, Vincent and Wang, Sharon and Weiss, Lauren M. and Wyttenbach, Aurélien



, 2020, 160, 114

Data Sets Used

Note: A "More Missions" icon indicates one or more data sets from among: COSMOS, BLAST, BOLOCAM, IRTS, MSX, SWAS, BRAVA, MUSYC, GPIPS, HERON. Follow the icon link for data set descriptions.

A best-effort attempt was made to match publications with data sets actually used given available resources. It is possible that in some cases data sets were missed or the publication's use of the data set was indirect or incidental.