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Discovery of a hot, transiting, Earth-sized planet and a second temperate, non-transiting planet around the M4 dwarf GJ 3473 (TOI-488)


Kemmer, J. and Stock, S. and Kossakowski, D. and Kaminski, A. and Molaverdikhani, K. and Schlecker, M. and Caballero, J. A. and Amado, P. J. and Astudillo-Defru, N. and Bonfils, X. and Ciardi, D. and Collins, K. A. and Espinoza, N. and Fukui, A. and Hirano, T. and Jenkins, J. M. and Latham, D. W. and Matthews, E. C. and Narita, N. and Pallé, E. and Parviainen, H. and Quirrenbach, A. and Reiners, A. and Ribas, I. and Ricker, G. and Schlieder, J. E. and Seager, S. and Vanderspek, R. and Winn, J. N. and Almenara, J. M. and Béjar, V. J. S. and Bluhm, P. and Bouchy, F. and Boyd, P. and Christiansen, J. L. and Cifuentes, C. and Cloutier, R. and Collins, K. I. and Cortés-Contreras, M. and Crossfield, I. J. M. and Crouzet, N. and de Leon, J. P. and Della-Rose, D. D. and Delfosse, X. and Dreizler, S. and Esparza-Borges, E. and Essack, Z. and Forveille, Th. and Figueira, P. and Galadí-Enríquez, D. and Gan, T. and Glidden, A. and Gonzales, E. J. and Guerra, P. and Harakawa, H. and Hatzes, A. P. and Henning, Th. and Herrero, E. and Hodapp, K. and Hori, Y. and Howell, S. B. and Ikoma, M. and Isogai, K. and Jeffers, S. V. and Kürster, M. and Kawauchi, K. and Kimura, T. and Klagyivik, P. and Kotani, T. and Kurokawa, T. and Kusakabe, N. and Kuzuhara, M. and Lafarga, M. and Livingston, J. H. and Luque, R. and Matson, R. and Morales, J. C. and Mori, M. and Muirhead, P. S. and Murgas, F. and Nishikawa, J. and Nishiumi, T. and Omiya, M. and Reffert, S. and Rodríguez López, C. and Santos, N. C. and Schöfer, P. and Schwarz, R. P. and Shiao, B. and Tamura, M. and Terada, Y. and Twicken, J. D. and Ueda, A. and Vievard, S. and Watanabe, N. and Zechmeister, M.



, 2020, 642, A236

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