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Spitzer Follow-up of Extremely Cold Brown Dwarfs Discovered by the Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 Citizen Science Project


Meisner, Aaron M. and Faherty, Jacqueline K. and Kirkpatrick, J. Davy and Schneider, Adam C. and Caselden, Dan and Gagné, Jonathan and Kuchner, Marc J. and Burgasser, Adam J. and Casewell, Sarah L. and Debes, John H. and Artigau, Étienne and Bardalez Gagliuffi, Daniella C. and Logsdon, Sarah E. and Kiman, Rocio and Allers, Katelyn and Hsu, Chih-chun and Wisniewski, John P. and Allen, Michaela B. and Beaulieu, Paul and Colin, Guillaume and Durantini Luca, Hugo A. and Goodman, Sam and Gramaize, Léopold and Hamlet, Leslie K. and Hinckley, Ken and Kiwy, Frank and Martin, David W. and Pendrill, William and Rothermich, Austin and Sainio, Arttu and Schümann, Jörg and Andersen, Nikolaj Stevnbak and Tanner, Christopher and Thakur, Vinod and Thévenot, Melina and Walla, Jim and Wdracki, Zbigniew and Aganze, Christian and Gerasimov, Roman and Theissen, Christopher and Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 Collaboration



, 2020, 899, 123

Data Sets Used

Note: A "More Missions" icon indicates one or more data sets from among: COSMOS, BLAST, BOLOCAM, IRTS, MSX, SWAS, BRAVA, MUSYC, GPIPS, HERON. Follow the icon link for data set descriptions.

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