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A sub-Neptune and a non-transiting Neptune-mass companion unveiled by ESPRESSO around the bright late-F dwarf HD 5278 (TOI-130)


Sozzetti, A. and Damasso, M. and Bonomo, A. S. and Alibert, Y. and Sousa, S. G. and Adibekyan, V. and Zapatero Osorio, M. R. and González Hernández, J. I. and Barros, S. C. C. and Lillo-Box, J. and Stassun, K. G. and Winn, J. and Cristiani, S. and Pepe, F. and Rebolo, R. and Santos, N. C. and Allart, R. and Barclay, T. and Bouchy, F. and Cabral, A. and Ciardi, D. and Di Marcantonio, P. and D’Odorico, V. and Ehrenreich, D. and Fasnaugh, M. and Figueira, P. and Haldemann, J. and Jenkins, J. M. and Latham, D. W. and Lavie, B. and Lo Curto, G. and Lovis, C. and Martins, C. J. A. P. and Mégevand, D. and Mehner, A. and Micela, G. and Molaro, P. and Nunes, N. J. and Oshagh, M. and Otegi, J. and Pallé, E. and Poretti, E. and Ricker, G. and Rodriguez, D. and Seager, S. and Suárez Mascareño, A. and Twicken, J. D. and Udry, S.



, 2021, 648, A75

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