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TESS-Keck Survey. V. Twin Sub-Neptunes Transiting the Nearby G Star HD 63935


Scarsdale, Nicholas and Murphy, Joseph M. Akana and Batalha, Natalie M. and Crossfield, Ian J. M. and Dressing, Courtney D. and Fulton, Benjamin and Howard, Andrew W. and Huber, Daniel and Isaacson, Howard and Kane, Stephen R. and Petigura, Erik A. and Robertson, Paul and Roy, Arpita and Weiss, Lauren M. and Beard, Corey and Behmard, Aida and Chontos, Ashley and Christiansen, Jessie L. and Ciardi, David R. and Claytor, Zachary R. and Collins, Karen A. and Collins, Kevin I. and Dai, Fei and Dalba, Paul A. and Dragomir, Diana and Fetherolf, Tara and Fukui, Akihiko and Giacalone, Steven and Gonzales, Erica J. and Hill, Michelle L. and Hirsch, Lea A. and Jensen, Eric L. N. and Kosiarek, Molly R. and de Leon, Jerome P. and Lubin, Jack and Lund, Michael B. and Luque, Rafael and Mayo, Andrew W. and Močnik, Teo and Mori, Mayuko and Narita, Norio and Nowak, Grzegorz and Pallé, Enric and Rabus, Markus and Rosenthal, Lee J. and Rubenzahl, Ryan A. and Schlieder, Joshua E. and Shporer, Avi and Stassun, Keivan G. and Twicken, Joe and Wang, Gavin and Yahalomi, Daniel A. and Jenkins, Jon and Latham, David W. and Ricker, George R. and Seager, S. and Vanderspek, Roland and Winn, Joshua N.



, 2021, 162, 215

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