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TOI 122b and TOI 237b: Two Small Warm Planets Orbiting Inactive M Dwarfs Found by TESS


Waalkes, William C. and Berta-Thompson, Zachory K. and Collins, Karen A. and Feinstein, Adina D. and Tofflemire, Benjamin M. and Rojas-Ayala, Bárbara and Silverstein, Michele L. and Newton, Elisabeth and Ricker, George R. and Vanderspek, Roland and Latham, David W. and Seager, S. and Winn, Joshua N. and Jenkins, Jon M. and Christiansen, Jessie and Goeke, Robert F. and Levine, Alan M. and Osborn, H. P. and Rinehart, S. A. and Rose, Mark E. and Ting, Eric B. and Twicken, Joseph D. and Barkaoui, Khalid and Bean, Jacob L. and Briceño, César and Ciardi, David R. and Collins, Kevin I. and Conti, Dennis and Gan, Tianjun and Gillon, Michaël and Isopi, Giovanni and Jehin, Emmanuël and Jensen, Eric L. N. and Kielkopf, John F. and Law, Nicholas and Mallia, Franco and Mann, Andrew W. and Montet, Benjamin T. and Pozuelos, Francisco J. and Relles, Howard and Libby-Roberts, Jessica E. and Ziegler, Carl



, 2021, 161, 13

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