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Scaling K2. V. Statistical Validation of 60 New Exoplanets From K2 Campaigns 2-18


Christiansen, Jessie L. and Bhure, Sakhee and Zink, Jon K. and Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin K. and Adkins, Britt Duffy and Hedges, Christina and Morton, Timothy D. and Bieryla, Allyson and Ciardi, David R. and Cochran, William D. and Dressing, Courtney D. and Everett, Mark E. and Isaacson, Howard and Livingston, John H. and Ziegler, Carl and Berlind, Perry and Calkins, Michael L. and Esquerdo, Gilbert A. and Latham, David W. and Endl, Michael and MacQueen, Phillip J. and Fulton, Benjamin J. and Hirsch, Lea A. and Howard, Andrew W. and Weiss, Lauren M. and Allen, Bridgette E. and Berberyann, Arthur and Ciardi, Krys N. and Dunlavy, Ava and Glassford, Sofia H. and Dai, Fei and Hirano, Teruyuki and Tamura, Motohide and Beichman, Charles and Gonzales, Erica J. and Schlieder, Joshua E. and Barclay, Thomas and Crossfield, Ian J. M. and Gilbert, Emily A. and Matthews, Elisabeth C. and Giacalone, Steven and Petigura, Erik A.



, 2022, 163, 244

Data Sets Used

Note: A "More Missions" icon indicates one or more data sets from among: COSMOS, BLAST, BOLOCAM, IRTS, MSX, SWAS, BRAVA, MUSYC, GPIPS, HERON. Follow the icon link for data set descriptions.

A best-effort attempt was made to match publications with data sets actually used given available resources. It is possible that in some cases data sets were missed or the publication's use of the data set was indirect or incidental.