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GOALS-JWST: Hidden Star Formation and Extended PAH Emission in the Luminous Infrared Galaxy VV 114


Evans, A. S. and Frayer, D. T. and Charmandaris, Vassilis and Armus, Lee and Inami, Hanae and Surace, Jason and Linden, Sean and Soifer, B. T. and Diaz-Santos, Tanio and Larson, Kirsten L. and Rich, Jeffrey A. and Song, Yiqing and Barcos-Munoz, Loreto and Mazzarella, Joseph M. and Privon, George C. and U, Vivian and Medling, Anne M. and Böker, Torsten and Aalto, Susanne and Iwasawa, Kazushi and Howell, Justin H. and van der Werf, Paul and Appleton, Philip and Bohn, Thomas and Brown, Michael J. I. and Hayward, Christopher C. and Hoshioka, Shunshi and Kemper, Francisca and Lai, Thomas and Law, David and Malkan, Matthew A. and Marshall, Jason and Murphy, Eric J. and Sanders, David and Stierwalt, Sabrina



, 2022, 940, L8

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